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Lovesacks is a unique charity with a singular purpose: to hand out warm sleeping bags to the homeless in winter. We believe our ‘lovesacks’ can be the difference between surviving on the streets, or not, when it gets cold.

Lovesacks has no wish to replace the valuable work of other charities in getting people off the streets and into safe accommodation. Quite the contrary. We want to keep them alive long enough for these charities to reach them.

Our charity is totally dependent on donations and staffed by volunteers. So every penny goes towards helping the homeless survive the cold season. At the moment we’re focusing on London but eventually we will extend this work to those living rough on the streets of other major UK cities.

So get in touch and share the love, either through your donations or by pledging your time.


In London last year winter temperatures dropped to a chilling -6C

Make a donation and help us buy more sleeping bags